Riverdale Episode 4×02 “Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High” Recap

‘Fast Times at Riverdale High’ are not so fast, and I cannot wait for the show to cut to the chase, although it’s only the second episode of Season 4. But, when an episode starts with the four main protagonists having a good time and making love, you know that crazy stuff is about to happen.


Archie becoming Fred


This episode started with another epic scene from our beloved Cheryl talking to Jason’s dead and cold body. Archie, on the other hand, proposed to Mad Dog to start playing in Riverdale High’s football team, attend school and finish it. In the meantime, a new principal arrives at school, and his name is Honey. And while Riverdale has once addressed Reggie’s struggles at home with his dad, it was about time for the show to bring the subject up again. It also seems that Archie is trying to become more like his dad, because he is the one helping Reggie going through this situation with a unique way that seems to be helping him for now.

Veronica and her parents


Meanwhile, Veronica is struggling with a bunch of reporters who are chasing her everywhere, trying to get information on where she stands regarding her parents’ actions. While she is working hard to avoid giving a press conference, eventually, she decides to answer the reporters’ questions. Therefore, Veronica organizes a press conference at La Bonne Nuit and informs everybody that she stands by none of her parents and that she loves them, but disapprove of their actions. In the meantime, Jughead agrees to attend Stonewall Prep instead of Riverdale High after the writing teacher of the former one approaches him and askes him to join her class -it seems that she loved his short story.

Betty and The Farm (again)


Kevin approaches Betty and wants to show her that he’s changed after The Farm’s disappearance. But, Betty is working with Charles, trying to locate Alice. The first time Betty baits Kevin by telling him that there is a witness that can testify against The Farm, Kevin betrays her by meeting Fangs and telling him about it. Betty exposes him and interrogates him along with Charles, getting nowhere. By the way, it seems like The Farm has relocated somewhere, but we don’t know where yet. Alice hasn’t gotten in touch with Charles for a long time, so Betty decides to tell Kevin that she was an undercover FBI agent. She wants him to say to Fangs that the witness’ name is Penelope Blossom so that The Farm will let him access their location. Kevin eventually decides to help Betty and get out of the brainwashing of The Farm. At the end of the episode, we see a flashforward to Spring Break when everyone is looking for Jughead. What is going on already?


The second episode of Riverdale seemed too slow for me, with no twists whatsoever. I cannot wait to see all the events of Spring Break and what is up with The Farm anyway.


Until then, leave your comments below and tell us your opinion about the newest episode of Riverdale.


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