Riverdale Episode 4×03 “Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon” Recap

The ending of The Farm’s storyline is finally here, and the hilarity behind it cannot go unseen. And, while Betty and Charles are busy with that, Jughead has to deal with bullying in his new school, Veronica is still trying to get rid of her name –literally- and Archie fights to build a better future for Riverdale to honor his dad’s legacy.


Lost Causes


Cheryl and Toni wake up in the middle of the night due to Nana’s screams. They find her in front of the fireplace, talking nonsense about some triplets burning in the fire. The next day, Toni decides to hire a nurse to look after Nana, but Cheryl feels uncomfortable about this, given the fact that she keeps Jason’s dead body in the basement. While everyone keeps telling her that there must be rats in the basement, she doesn’t let them do anything about it in case they find out about the body. One night, she goes to the basement and sees that a rat was living inside Jason’s body. But, don’t worry about it, because she can sure fix that by stitching him up with a needle and a red thread. That is precisely the time when Toni appears and finds her with Jason’s dead body. Let’s hope that Cheryl doesn’t end up in a mental institution anytime soon.

Being Who They Want to Be


Veronica wants to change her name to leave her parents’ dark history behind her while she is also trying to help Archie build a community center. One night, out of nowhere, Hiram appears in their house –because he can come and go from a prison he owns pretty easy- and threatens Veronica for changing her name. After some deep thought, Veronica changes her name and visits Hiram to tell him the news and make sure he will not stop by their house anytime in the future –although, I doubt that Hiram will be unable to do that, anyway.

In the meantime, Archie is trying to turn The Gym into a community center, but he needs money to do so. His mother is reluctant to let him stay in Riverdale and proposes to him to come to Chicago with her. However, Archie wants to believe in Riverdale like his father did and refuses to follow her. With the help of Veronica, he manages to acquire the money he needs to make the gym the community center he wishes it to be.

Different Kinds of Bullies


During his investigation, Charles finds out Evelyn’s whereabouts and sends a wired delivery guy to her place. Unfortunately, she realizes, and suddenly, Edgar’s voice appears on the microphone, asking for 250.000 dollars, food, water, and a bus for his people. To do this for him, Betty and Charles ask him to release a hostage, but he says that he has already done that. Suddenly, Polly appears behind them, strapped with explosives –sweet, Lord. Let’s press pause here for a minute to laugh about the fact that Betty disabled the whole mechanism with her tweezers.



Are you done? Okay, let’s move on now.

In all the hilarity of the situation regarding The Farm, at least Alice was alive this whole time, and now we got her back. But, Edgar building a rocket to leave Riverdale while Evelyn would drive a bus off a cliff was enough dose of insanity for me for today. I’m not going to comment on it because I still cannot stop laughing, thinking about it. Well, at least now Edgar is dead, the people of The Farm are alive and safe, and we can all leave this storyline behind us once and for all.

In other news, Jughead tries to fit in his new school, where he also finds Moose, who was MIA for a long time. And, it’s not only Jughead that gets bullied in that school, but it’s also Moose, who we learn that is also bisexual. Leaving the school behind him for one night, Jughead hangs out with Betty when suddenly his doorbell rings. When he opens the door, he finds a bag with a tape inside of it. Am I the only one who didn’t think of anything when I saw this tape?


In its third episode, Riverdale’s Season 4 reminded us of its illogical writing, and yet, I cannot stop watching this show, knowing that it will get more mysterious in the next episodes -even if there is a tad of silliness inside of it every once in awhile, and, let’s not forget the doses of shirtless Archie we get in every episode, so there’s that, too.


Until then, leave your comments below and tell us your opinion about the newest episode of Riverdale.


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