Riverdale Episode 4×04 “Chapter Sixty-One: Halloween” Recap

The first Halloween episode of Riverdale had the feels and vibes of some old scary movies we used to watch on TV when we were younger. And, because of the mentioning of the upcoming Katy Keene expansion, plus the last scene of the episode that might have killed off one of our favorite characters, I’m starting to think that there won’t be a Season 5 of Riverdale after all. And, Happy Halloween, everybody!


The Haunted House


Toni is a winner when it comes to patience since she successfully manages to help Cheryl through her craziness with Jason’s body while remaining calm and trying to handle this delicate situation as smooth as possible. After convincing Cheryl to bury Jason’s body, the latter starts playing games with Toni’s mind and sanity, making it look like Jason’s spirit haunts her house. In all this insanity, Toni decides to let Cheryl unbury Jason and bring him back in the house, and hopefully, she will find a way to help Cheryl in another way in the upcoming episodes. I’m currently thinking about the possibility of her entering the Shade Grove Treatment Center that was mentioned multiple times in this episode.

The good thing about this fake haunting was Nana’s story regarding the triplets she mentioned in the previous episode. It turns out that some of the fans had guessed it right that Cheryl and Jason weren’t the only ones growing inside Penelope’s belly during her pregnancy. There was another baby in there that Cheryl absorbed in the womb…

The Stranger and the Gunshot


On the same Halloween night, Veronica is cleaning Pop’s after closing hours when a stranger stops by asking for something to drink because he has been driving for many hours. Even though it doesn’t make any sense how Veronica managed to burn the guy because he was holding a lighter -what if he didn’t have one, writers? How did she know?- the Shade Grove Treatment Center came up in his storyline, too, and got me thinking about when we’re going to see this place.

Archie, on the other hand, dresses up like a superhero and organizes a Halloween at the Community Center he is trying to build. Dodger and his gang appear holding guns, trying to take a kid named Eddie with them. Archie calls FP, and Eddie ends up getting shot in the leg. After all this insanity, Archie asks the kid to come with him so that he can protect him from Dodger and his gang.

Betty’s Demons and ‘Buried’

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This Halloween in Riverdale, most of the kids are dressing up like the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King, which is something that causes Betty to freak out every time she sees them. On Halloween night, she stays at home, dresses up as Laurie Strode from the original ‘Halloween’ movie, and comfortably sits on her couch to read a book. Suddenly, the phone rings and someone is posing as the real Black Hood on the other side of the line. After all the spooky calls, Charles shows up and volunteers to help Betty track the phone call. It turned out that it was Polly who was calling Betty to prank her, and here is when we hear about the Shade Grove Treatment Center again since Polly is there due to her insanity. Later, we witness Charles listening to Betty’s and Jughead’s phone call, which was very weird. What’s up with that?

In the meantime, a girl drugs Jughead at his new school and locks him inside a coffin. All the references to the ‘Buried’ movie had me freaking out about his fate, to be honest –well done there, guys. After getting him out of that coffin, Jughead finds out that Moose has vanished suddenly, and thinks that he might have joined the army since we saw at the beginning of the episode that he had been thinking about it. But, the spookiest thing that happened in this episode was the very last scene that revealed to us that Jughead is dead in the Coroner’s Office, probably in the future.


Our worst fears have come true, and I’m hoping that this last scene was a Halloween prank to us instead of the real deal.


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