Riverdale Episode 4×05 “Chapter Sixty-Two: Witness for the Prosecution” Recap

The new episode of Riverdale is all about serial killers and murders along with some twists and turns we didn’t see coming. If you need to catch up with Riverdale, feel free to read our recap of the previous episode.


The New Arrow and Hermione’s Trial


In a desperate attempt to keep Riverdale safe from Dodger and his gang, Archie decides to wear a mask and become a vigilante to fight the crimes that go on in the town at night. However, the work he is doing in the community center is not acceptable by some local business because Dodger is pressuring them to complain about it. Therefore, Archie wears his mask again and orders Dodger to leave town. Of course, Dodger tells him that he’s not going to do that and we’re here waiting for Archie to get in trouble once more in the upcoming episodes.

In the meantime, Veronica tries to set Hermione free and keep Hiram behind bars. She is working with Archie’s mom who is a lawyer and plot some schemes to accomplish that. Unfortunately for her, an unknown lady was investigating her this whole time and had also bugged the bar to hear her plans. As it turned out, that lady was Hermosa Lodge, Hiram’s other daughter, and succeeded in getting Hiram out of jail. Hiram’s statement after getting out was that he was going to run for mayor of Riverdale. See, Archie? When you cannot place a bullet to somebody’s head two Seasons ago, this is what happens.

The Serial Killer Gene and The Perfect Murder


On the spooky side of Riverdale, Betty and Kevin join the Junior FBI Training Program, which is taught by Charles. During the classes, Betty slowly realizes that she might be a serial killer after all. Apart from having the serial killer gene, she can easily recognize a serial killer just by looking at their faces, she writes journals which apparently is something that serial killers do, and she had killed her cat when she was young. After deciding to talk to Charles about it, she learns that Charles also has the serial killer gene, which is strange considering that he is the son of FP and Alice and not Hal’s. That is what makes Betty realize that she doesn’t know anything about him and decides to start investigating him to learn more about his activities and whereabouts. Let’s see why Charles is so sketchy and unrealistically kind at the same time.

In Jughead’s school, Mr. Chipping is looking to tap a Stonewall Prep student to be the successor of his work, who Jughead just realized was the author of his favorite mystery novels, the Baxter Brothers. The original author recognizes Jughead’s name and tells him that he was good friends with his grandfather. But, Jughead knows nothing about his grandfather and FP has nothing good to tell about his grandfather either. After discovering a Birthday message his grandfather had left him in one of the books he had sent him, Jughead decides to submit himself as the next Baxter Brothers writer. Mr. Chipping assigns his students to write a story about The Perfect Murder, just one scene before watching a clip from the future where FP arrests Betty, Veronica, and Archie for the murder of Jughead.


Could those Spring Break clips be just the story Jughead writes and not a real thing? His Perfect Murder?


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