Riverdale Episode 4×06 “Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary” Recap

An interesting and creepy episode of Riverdale arrived for a change, and just love the way the story goes. While Archie is still trying to reduce the crimes in Riverdale, Veronica is dealing with her parents’ reunion, Cheryl is struggling to hide her secret, Betty is investigating Charles, and Jughead is looking for his origins.


At the Blossoms’ Manor


Toni is still by Cheryl’s side, while the latter continues believing in ghosts, which are haunting her house. Unfortunately for her, some members of her family arrive at her house, interested in visiting the chappel, where Jason’s body is hidden. Cheryl snaps and tells them that they are not allowed to go down there, but one of them does during the night. The outcome, of course, is another murder, and probably another soul, which will haunt this house. So, now we have the spirit of a triplet, Jason’s body, and a dead relative to worry about. Let’s hope that Cheryl won’t end up in a psychiatric hospital by the end of this Season.

Hiram is Back


Hiram is out of jail and, unfortunately, back at the Lodges’ house, since Hermione decided to take him back. Along with him, Hermosa is now also a new Lodge we have to worry about. Veronica’s decision after finding out that Hiram is living in her house again was not to live there anymore. In the meantime, Hermosa took Veronica’s office in the house, and, of course, her own painting. Is Hiram going to die ever on this show?

As for Archie, he got himself in trouble again! Going after Dodger was the worst decision he ever made, right before making another awful one: to ask for Hiram’s help. Because somebody started shooting at his house, he consulted with Hiram to ask for his help with Dodger. We could only imagine what that meant, even when Hiram refused to help him. A little while later, Archie found Dodger beaten badly on the street and took him to the hospital.

The Murderous Family


Jughead is doing his own investigation regarding his favorite books. He has a hunch that the author of the second and the third book is the same, and specifically his grandfather. When he asks from Mr. Chipping to tell him the truth, he -for some inexplicable reason that makes no sense at all- jumps off the window. I actually laughed so hard at that scene, it was one of the stupidest scenes in Riverdale, hands down. Because of that, Dupont announced that he is going to be the new teacher, while Jughead believes that he is the one who stole his grandfather’s novels.

Meanwhile, looking into Charles, Betty arrives at the conclusion that Chic might know bad things about him since this is how we met Chic in the first place: he was living with Charles and got his identity. She visits Chic in prison to ask him about Charles and finds out that one night, Charles snapped and killed someone while he was under the influence of the Jingle Jangle. Using a polygraph on Charles, he tells her that he used to be an addict and that’s his big secret. After that, Chic talked to the FBI about the person Alice and Betty killed and buried in Season 2. The episode ended with the revelation that Charles and Chic had this all planned, and that they’re a couple. What just happened?


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