Everyone has a friend that always see’s the downside.

So, you’ve read the title of this blog post, and one person has sprung to mind. You’re now trying to forget that person, but it’s hard because it’s the person that’s always negative. It doesn’t matter the theme of the conversation, or whether that person has any prior knowledge of the topic that you’re talking about, they always have an opinion, and it’s normally negative.

This person for me is less of a person and more of a being, a spirit, I can see them in my head as a person, but mostly I think of them as being some form of a spirit. For me, the person that always sees the downside is my anxiety. I’ve spent the last few weeks on holiday, and the thought of going back to work has me sobbing, which is probably the first sign that I should quit my job or go back and see a counsellor but let’s not rush into anything too rash shall we. My brain is telling me that work will be fine tomorrow, but my anxiety is that friend who’s always seeing the downside, well she’s telling me that I’m walking into work tomorrow to be fired or hated etc.

The funny thing is the line of work that I’m in constantly looks at the positives and the negatives. It’s my job to fix the negatives and turn them into results but can I do it in my life. Like hell I can.

So, while my life feels like it’s crumbling and the world is falling apart, I’m expressing myself in one of the few ways I know how. To the world, with a laptop in front of me and a large glass of wine. Dear world, how do you get rid of a negative friend? Especially when that friend seems to be living inside you.

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